Asus ROG STRIX Fusion F300 Gaming Headset

Vendor: Zumi
  • USB cable
  • 100% protein ear cushion
  • 3.5mm cable

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A perfect balance of refined aesthetics and performance. Show your unique style and whimsical charm with ROG Strix Fusion 300 without compromising on performance. ROG Strix Fusion 300 features an exclusive airtight chamber and 50mm Asus Essence drivers, delivering pure gaming audio with deep bass. Immerse yourself in a rich audio experience with onboard 7.1-channel virtual surround sound wherever you go - no dongles or extra software needed! Strix Fusion 300 is lightweight and comfortable and has wide compatibility with PC, Mac and game consoles. Experience impeccable, fully immersive gaming audio.

Key Feature

  • Immerse yourself in pure and rich gaming audio, thanks to the exclusive airtight chamber design and 50mm Asus Essence drivers
  • Enjoy plug-and-play virtual 7.1-channel surround sound anytime and anywhere with expertly designed hardware
  • ROG Hybrid ear cushions offer superb sound insulation and will keep you comfortable and cool during marathon gaming sessions
  • Includes free 100% protein-leather ear cushions!

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